What we’ve seen through our screens: Patti Smith channelling William S. Burroughs, the mercury music prize and swapping food for liturature

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Our round up of the week’s news that’s made its way through our eye holes and left an impression in our head hole. Kicking us off a fascinating story in The Atlantic where Daniel Woodrell, author of Winter’s Bone, traded in some of his lunch for a copy of Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast. The book which then went on to inspire him to write. Food or books, how can you even make that decision? Having produced some of the worlds most striking and recognisable images in recent years the Daily Beast’s interview with Steve McCurry offers a fascinating insight into the life of a photojournalist. The man who took the ‘Afghan girl’ talks in …

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Courgette and goats cheese soup – Our top 10 summer recipes

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Having visited my friend’s allotment I found myself trying to cycle back with three courgettes the size of capybara. Question: What to do with so much courgette? The answer: Soup. Lots of it. This soup has a wonderful texture with the goats cheese giving it a stringy thickness. One to really stand your spoon up in. But you can’t make a soup taste good just with a good constancy so to add some depth of flavour in went some garlic, basil and pine nuts. Nice!   INGREDIENTS 1kg Courgette 3 cloves of garlic Bunch of fresh basil 50g pine nuts Olive oil 500ml milk   METHOD Slowly fry the courgettes …

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What we’ve seen on our screen: The Black keys looses Bob Dylan’s hair, eco-vinyl and the return of Zero 7

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Our round up of the week’s news that’s made its way through our eye holes and left an impression in our head hole. First up a bizarre story reported by The Fly in which the Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach has been ordered to hand over a lock of Bob Dylan’s hair alongside $5 million in a divorce settlement with his wife. I guess he’s a pretty lonely boy now. Jumping wholeheartedly on the vinyl revival bandwagon are eco-supermarket Whole Foods who have started selling vinyl in some of there US stores. The article in The Line Of Best fit does not state what encouraged Whole Foods to enter the vinyl …

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Tomato, goats cheese and pickled beetroot on avocado smeared sourdough bread – Our 10 favourite summer recipes

Tomato Beetroot Sourdough

Carrying on ‘Our 10 Favourite Summer Recipes’ we present Tomato, goats cheese and pickled beetroot on avocado smeared sourdough bread … This recipe is fiendishly easy to make. What makes it work is using good quality fresh ingredients. INGREDIENTS: 4 tomatoes, chopped 2 medium sticks of celery, finely choped 80g pickled beetroot sliced into thin strips 150g goats cheese (we used smoked, but normal is fine) 2 medium avocados Wholemeal sourdough bread A drizzle of rapeseed oil (olive oil works too)   METHOD Mix the tomatoes, celery and beetroot into a bowl. Crumble in the goats cheese. Remove the stones from the avocados and spoon out the into a bowl. Mash …

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Film Review: Searching for Sugar Man

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1970 saw the release of Cold Fact, an album by a mysterious Detroit singer-songwriter Rodriguez. Despite claims of brilliance from those that worked with him he gained no attention from the American public. A second album was released in 1971 which marked the end of his recording career. He then drifted back into the icy mist of Detroit, an unnoticed genius seemingly lost to the world. Here comes the first of many twists that sets this apart from most music documentaries. His music somehow – again little is known how – makes its way to South Africa and is taken into the hearts of a repressed people unable to find …

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What we’ve seen on our screen: Why Orwell wrote 1984, caffeine addiction and berry news

Coffee caffeine explosion

Our round up of the week’s news that’s made its way through our eye holes and left an impression in our head hole. Coffee is seemingly everywhere this week, with the Guardian discussing its links with creativity while the Smithsonian has been reporting on caffeine’s addictive effect upon the brain, leading to headaches and even flu-like symptoms.  With all this contradicting evidence what does one do? I’ll have a coffee and think about it… Following on the theme of letters written by our favorite from last week we have the republishing of a letter by George Orwell outlining what inspired him to write 1984. In The Daily Beast, the letter outlines Orwell’s …

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What we’ve seen on our screen: Hemingway’s idea of heaven, literary-flavoured ice cream and more

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Our round up of the week’s news that’s made its way through our eye holes and left an impression in our head hole.     First up, combining two of my greatest loves in life – ice cream and books – Quirk Books gave us their ideas for book-themed ice cream flavours. A truly commendable idea to mark ice cream month that got me thinking of ideas of my own. ‘Vanilla Mockingbird’ anyone? Have you ever looked at yourself and your friends and thought ‘we’re just not cool or talented’? Well I didn’t until I read this letter from Ernest Hemingway to F. Scott Fitzgerald in Brain Pickings. Taken from Letters …

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Sticky pork and butternut squash salad with soy balsamic dressing – Our 10 Favourite Summer Recipes

Summer Healthy Pork

Carrying on ‘Our 10 Favourite Summer Recipes’ we present sticky pork and butternut squash salad with soy balsamic dressing … This recipe works well mainly due to the great contrast between sweetness from the pork and butternut squash (made even sweeter by roasting) and the umami, tangy taste of the dressing. Also as pork is a relatively cheap low-fat meat it won’t break the bank or the buttons on your shorts. The dish has a definite Chinese flavour coming from the sweet and sour mix, the soy and the toasted sesame seeds in the salad. To get the most flavour into the pork its best marinade it overnight, but if you don’t …

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Review: Cayucas – Bigfoot


Band: Cayucas Album: Bigfoot Released earlier this year on Secretly Canadian, home to the Suuns and Yeasayer, Bigfoot by Cayucas is one of those rarest of things, a really good pop album. Unashamedly upbeat and enthusiastic it is at once a loving transportation back to a bygone era and a refreshing new direction for the Californian surf pop/rock scene. With a sound something like the love child of Vampire Weekend and Cloud Control, there is a distinct buzz around this band. Cayucas pronounced “ky-yook-us” is a quiet seaside town in San Luis Obispo County, California that is somewhat frozen in time. Like Cayucas the place, Cayucas the band have something …

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Charli ventures up North


As a born and bred Southerner there’s a huge space at the top of the UK that’s a complete mystery to me. In all my (very few) ventures up North I have been delighted by the magical Hogwarts-esque city that is Edinburgh and Leeds – the friendliest city in the world, where people say sorry when you walk into them. I have also been to curry mile in Manchester but I don’t really think this is a fair comparison! Anyway, here are a few snaps from my whistle stop tour. First stop, Stratford-upon-Avon It’s not really the North, in fact it’s not at all but it was on our way …

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